Create more connected online experiences

Be more social and mingle naturally online like you're in a real room. Navigate multiple conversations with ease.

“Swivel is the best tool I’ve seen for networking virtually.”
Kyle Tarbet
Chamber of Commerce
“Swivel is all about authentic, human connection.”
Brent Cummings
Walla Walla Public Schools

Connect like you’re
in person—online.

Experience multiple simultaneous conversations.
Just like in a real room.

Video Meetings

with more before & after mingling

Swivel brings back the camaraderie of pre-meeting chatter and the ability to connect easily with colleagues after meetings.

Online Meetups

with more organic socializing

Most online social events don't feel social at all. With Swivel, you can now socialize online in ways that feel like you're in a real room.

Virtual Networking

with more of an in-person vibe

“Work the room” and fluidly move from one conversation to another, just like you’re used to doing at in-person events.

Remote Work

with more serendipitous interactions

Provide your team with all the benefits of remote work, while retaining the feeling of working together in the same room.

Online Training

with more natural breakout sessions

Great training requires hands-on participation and role-playing. Now you can deliver training online, the same way you do in-person.

Swivel’s Key Features

Mingle Mode

Multiple simultaneous conversations
Hear your own conversation clearly & others more quietly
Participant-driven mingling (not host-mandated)

Host Broadcasts

Hosts can make full volume announcements to everyone
Participants hear broadcasts in their own conversations
Fun animations make it easy to see who's broadcasting

Volume Controls

Each participant has total control over what they hear
Adjust conversation volumes and individual user volumes
Everyone only hears volume changes made by themselves

Simple Invites

Instant, secure invite links for each meeting
Current meeting URL's also work as handy invite links
No time wasted entering attendee email addresses

Screen Sharing

Multiple users can share their screens simultaneously
Participants get to choose which screen to view
Hi-resolution with automatic bandwidth adjustments

Desktop + Mobile

Host or join Swivel meetings from any device
Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, & iOS compatible
Works well with most modern web browsers

Simple Pricing for Everyone

Get access to all Swivel features regardless of plan size.

  • Free for up to 4 people
  • 30 person max capacity
  • Choose exact capacity needed
  • Unlimited meetings per month
  • Unlimited meeting durations
  • 1 meeting allowed at a time
(Adjust slider to see pricing for different meeting sizes)
Meeting Size: 0
Monthly Price: 0

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