There is more to life than (remote) work.

Swivel is transforming into something so much more than a remote team collobaration tool!

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Why yet another video, audio, and screen-sharing tool?

When our remote team would work together in a shared office, our collaboration and sense of camaraderie would skyrocket. We used Slack for asynchronous communication, but we felt like something was still missing.

We tried stand-ups & pairing sessions in Zoom. We tried Slack’s video calls. We even set up our own Discord server for a few weeks, and that’s when it hit us: we were missing the sights & sounds of a shared office. We were missing serendipitous interactions like hearing our names mentioned from across the room or joining impromptu conversations.

So we took all we learned from using tools like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting,, and, and we began the long and arduous process of creating a tool of our own, one where remote teams could finally collaborate like they were working in the same room.

Our manifesto.


We believe in choosing where you live, no matter where you work.

The best employees are happy employees. And the happiest employees are those who get to do work they love, with teams they love, in the places they love.


We believe everyone deserves to be heard and understood.

We believe the need to be heard and understood is a core characteristic of being human. Unconditional, skillful listening is a precious gift always worth giving.


We believe good conversations create a sense of belonging.

Society is more connected than ever, and yet more isolated than ever. Real conversations have the power to break through walls of isolation.

Nick Clark

Chief Architect

A real mountain biker & a virtual pilot who dreams of flying (real planes) around the country while working remotely.

James Pellow


An aeroplane pilot and green smoothie enthusiast who prefers dirt roads to pavement.

Meet the team behind Swivel.

Keith Nerdin


A believer in community & co-working who chews more gum each year than most people do in a lifetime.