Swivel, Inc. Is Here!

Introducing a new product, team, and company

Where were you on September 29, 2016? Unless that happens to be the day your child was born, you probably don’t remember. Eight years prior I had founded K3 Integrations, a completely remote web consulting company. By 2016 we were busy. Too busy in fact. The stress and pressure of our overloaded schedule were getting to us. We could simply back off, or do something more radical. I decided to launch a product and transition a good part of K3 to being a product company. The change made tons of sense, and the team was excited and totally on board. Over the next few days I developed a clear strategy and that day stands out to me as one of K3’s finest.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. — Maya Angelou

Today, August 3, 2018, is another amazing day for K3. Today we give that passion wings. After nearly two years of thinking, planning, building, and dreaming, we are excited to finally share with you what we have been pouring our hearts and souls into all this time. Today we are announcing our product, Swivel, its company, Swivel, Inc., and the team that made it all happen.

Swivel Is…

In short, Swivel is an audio, video, and screen-sharing tool that helps your remote team feel like they’re working together in the same room. Logging into Swivel each morning is like walking into the office, with multiple conversations unfolding simultaneously and everyone feeling like fully-integrated members of the team. If meeting apps like Zoom or Skype come to mind, you are part way there. Swivel can do meetings, but it can do much more.

Learn how Swivel connects teams with these videos

Imagine you are working in the office trying to solve a problem with a colleague. A co-worker across the room overhears your conversation and volunteers the answer. That conversation saves you hours of work and you are able to complete your project on time. Swivel lets you do all that remotely. We have been using Swivel internally for a year now. Here are some example interactions we have had using Swivel within our remote teams:

  • Effectively breaking out into small group exercises during a team meeting and still being able to hear and interact with the other groups.
  • Naturally interjecting into a nearby conversation between coworkers after overhearing your name or a subject you could contribute to.
  • Leaving a meeting and immediately hearing team members begin working together on planned initiatives from the meeting.
  • Feeling deeply connected with your team due to being included in the casual office conversations and social interactions that take place outside formal meetings and text-based chats.
As simple as these interactions seem, it’s worth noting that these kinds of interactions have never been available to remote teams until now!

Our Team

K3 continues to be passionate about providing web development services, but I needed to ensure our busy schedule wouldn’t interfere with Swivel’s success. To achieve this I formed an entirely new company and decided to split the team between K3 and Swivel. This strategy has been very successful in providing the Swivel team with the focus and autonomy it needed.

Keith, Nick, Luke, Dallas, and James

I have appointed Keith Nerdin as CEO of Swivel, Inc. He is incredibly passionate about the future of work and distributed teams. Keith founded a coworking space in 2016 that continues to thrive and grow. He has deep experience with leading sales teams and is an incredibly creative guy. I have full confidence in his ability to lead the team and Swivel to its full potential. Keith was the first person hired specifically for Swivel.

Nick Clark has been selected as Chief Architect, Luke Travis as Front-End Developer and Dallas Reedy will oversee User Experience and Design. All three had been working extensively on Swivel while at K3. They have been with K3 for many years and all have exhibited the kind of character, work ethic, experience, and energy we wanted to form Swivel, Inc.’s cultural foundation.

Launch Day

We are excited to announce the launch of our completely redesigned brand and website. A handful of people close to K3 have seen an early version of our brand and product at swivel.is as we worked through different prototypes and concepts. The site we launched today is entirely new. We have also gone through an exhaustive user-driven redesign and refactor of the app. We are thrilled to be so close to granting early access to those who have been waiting patiently to use Swivel with their own remote teams!

What’s Next?

We believe that because of advancements in technology like Swivel, we’re on the cusp of a remote work explosion. Once that explosion happens and millions of office-based workers are granted the freedom to live wherever they want, a lot of them will quickly leave behind the large metropolitan areas and seek more affordable communities with less traffic, closer proximity to extended family or outdoor recreational opportunities. In other words, this means we’re also on the cusp of a transformation of rural America. We wrote a whole blog post about it here.

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